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All Endings Lead to Beginnings

Five hundred years ago; the wrath of God is let loose the forces of Hell onto Earth, retribution for centuries of sin and the ultimate hubris of attempting to create an eternal kingdom to rival His plans. The old world dies in ice and flame, destroying millennia of the greatest works of Man.

One hundred and sixty-five years ago; a cocksure priest, a brooding knight, a gifted scholar, a wild mercenary, a contemplative pugilist, and a beast of hell itself embark on a long quest to raise humanity against Hell itself.

One hundred and fifty years ago; a a grieving priest, a raging soldier, and a haunted builder mourn their companions and followers as the masses chant their praise.

One hundred and twenty years ago; nations form, and man once again fights himself.

Last week; two long-separated brothers are jailed for flagrantly disturbing the peace, by chance the missing third brother is their parole officer.

Suspicious Smuggling

A raided smuggling vessel is found full of firearms, extremely rare weapons produced only in France.

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